Common Questions:

1Benefits of fogging??
Our product kills viruses, bacteria and fungi. When we fog, we can disinfect hard and soft surfaces (like furniture and hard to reach areas), AND we disinfect the air itself in your space. It's hard to wipe the air or a couch with a cloth and disinfectant :-) Disinfecting the ait itself is great, as lately there are more airborne viruses. Our product has no odour, so your home or business is left smelling fresh, naturally with no added fragrance.
2Are you a cleaning company?
We are a fogging disinfectant company that eliminated 99.99% of all viruses, germs, bacteria and fungi. We are not a cleaning company. We recommend that all areas that are to be disinfected are cleaned before our arrival (soils removed from hard surfaces) so that the disinfectant can be as effective as possible.
3How many treatments do I need to disinfect my space?
Multiple treatments are recommended to reduce the viral load in an office or home environment. One treatment will disinfect a space, but numerous treatments become more effective in controlling the viral load because of various activities in an area. We can help you build a plan for your specific needs.
4Do I need to leave the space that is to be disinfected?
Our product is natural, eco-friendly and harmless to all surfaces, including food-safe surfaces. Even though its Health Canada approved and hospital-grade, it's also harmless to pets, people and children; however, to properly treat an area, we ask that you not be present during fogging not to disturb the fog once it lands on all hard and soft surfaces. Once a treatment has been applied, we ask you to return to the space after 30 minutes.
5How long will it take to fog my home, business or office?
Times may vary; however, our average job, free of much complexity and including the 30 minute wait time after application, takes about 1 hour in total, so its a very time effective way to disinfect a space.
6How long does the disinfectant last?
Disinfecting resets your space and kills the viruses, bacteria and fungi in the room/office at that time. It reduces viral load and makes the area safe. Once you introduce customers, family or friends to the space, it can be contaminated again, which is why we recommend a plan to treat the area based on its use and volume of interactions in the room.
7Is it harmful to certain items in the room that are being fogged?
The process we use to fog is safe and, under normal circumstances, will not damage items in the room. We cannot guarantee that documents or technology will not be impacted, so we ask you to follow our procedure before our visit to remove documents and electronics like laptops.
8Does it damage couches, drapes or other soft surfaces in the home or business?
Our product is fantastic on soft surfaces. We have numerous chiropractor clinics that use our product on their adjustment tables as it does not dry, crack, damage or discolour the soft surfaces. So we are very proud of this fact.
9How effective is the disinfectant you use in your foggers?
Our disinfectant is a Health Canada approved Hydrogen Peroxide based disinfectant that is hospital grade, eco friendly and is listed as 99.99% effective to kill all Viruses, bacteria and fungi/mold

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