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Fogging is recognized as the fastest and most complete form of delivering a disinfectant to the most significant number of available surfaces in an area. Fogging is now considered a necessary form of disinfecting and is recognized as an essential method in the complete disinfecting protocol.

Disinfecting your space doesn't need to be stressful. At Fog Clean Canada in Burnaby / New Westminster, BC, we make scheduling a Fog Clean service easy. We provide professional fogging services throughout the area.

So what exactly is "fogging"?

The term "fogging" is a bit of a misnomer. It's actually "misting," and although the terms are now virtually interchangeable, 'Fogging' is simply the recognized word for mass disinfecting. All handheld fogging devices essentially operate the same way. Air is drawn in from the intake area and into a motorized blower, which hyper accelerates the air and forces it toward the front nozzle. The disinfectant is drawn up the line by the force of air flowing past the tip using the Venturi Principle. The air and solution are mixed in the tip and propelled out the nozzle in a solution-air mixture. The solution-to-air mixture can be adjusted based on the area that needs to be disinfected. In electrostatic units, the solution is electrically charged as it leaves the nozzle, which creates an attraction to conductive or inversely charged surfaces.

Professional Disinfectant Fogging Services in Burnaby / New Westminster, BC.

Benefits of fogging

ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogging services and Electrostatic Fogging services are the most effective way of blanketing your entire space with a fine mist of disinfectant that dries quickly, leaves no residue and is a pet, people and food surface safe.

Quick and effective application of disinfectants.

Fogging is recognized as the fastest and most complete form of delivering a disinfectant to the most significant number of available hard, soft and challenging to reach surfaces in a space.


Adult, Child and pet safe! Our disinfectant is proudly made in Canada and is a "spray and walk away." ready mix solution to fog.

Provide a safe space

Whether you are a home or a business, our fogging services give you the peace of mind that you are providing a safe space for your family, customers and employees.

Professional services

We provide professional disinfectant fogging services that are provided by our trained staff at numerous locations across Canada.

Our Rates

For our standard residential services, houses less than 2000 sq/ft $250/ Houses 2000-3000 sq/ft $300/ Houses 3000-4000 sq/ft $350. Larger space rates range but average 10 cents a square foot based on the job's complexity. You can fill out our contact form with your job's details, and we can get back to you right away with a quote.

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