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Vortex Decon, our disinfectant of choice

Vortex Decon is a Canadian-made disinfectant, recognized by Health Canada as killing 99.99% of all known bacteria, viruses and fungi (mould) on surfaces. Vortex Decon is very safe to use on virtually any surface. It is non-corrosive, odour-free, biodegradable and pet safe. It will not leave a film or residue on surfaces when dry and is non-toxic.

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Why is Vortex Decon better than other disinfectants?

By having been awarded a DIN number from Health Canada, we know that it can kill 99.99% of all micro-organisms. This is true for any disinfectant with a DIN. Vortex Decon excels in this process in that its active ingredient is Hydrogen Peroxide, which is boosted by a unique surfactant. Where most non-hydrogen peroxide disinfectants will fail is that surfaces to be fogged are not necessarily clean. Disinfectants work best on clean surfaces. Even non-visible soils on a molecular level (biofilm) can hamper the disinfecting efforts of most disinfectants. The hydrogen peroxide in Vortex Decon acts as an oxidizer when in contact with biofilms and soils. This means that the hydrogen peroxide actively attacks and weakens the biofilm. Once penetrated, the hydrogen peroxide and a unique surfactant suspend biofilms off the surface, treats the surface and continues to break down and destroy these contaminants.

Vortex Decon attacks soils from the top AND bottom. Vortex Decon is People, Child and pet safe! Vortex Decon is a pre-mixed, ready to use disinfectant with a spray and walk away trait, as it evaporates into H2O and leaves no residue. Vortex Decon, your safe and natural choice!

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