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Fogging is recognized as the fastest and most complete form of delivering a disinfectant to the most significant number of available surfaces in an area. Fogging is now considered a necessary form of disinfecting and is recognized as an essential method in the complete disinfecting protocol.


Fogging, its
what we do!

Fog Clean Canada solely focuses on making any space safe by fogging hard surfaces, soft surfaces and the air, yup, we can do that! And as many viruses are airborne, we can get them wherever they try to hide.

So what exactly is "fogging"?

The term "fogging" is a bit of a misnomer. It's actually "misting," and although the terms are now virtually interchangeable, 'Fogging' is simply the recognized word for mass disinfecting. All handheld fogging devices essentially operate the same way. Air is drawn in from the intake area and into a motorized blower, which hyper accelerates the air and forces it toward the front nozzle. The disinfectant is drawn up the line by the force of air flowing past the tip using the Venturi Principle. The air and solution are mixed in the tip and propelled out the nozzle in a solution-air mixture. The solution-to-air mixture can be adjusted based on the area that needs to be disinfected. In electrostatic units, the solution is electrically charged as it leaves the nozzle, which creates an attraction to conductive or inversely charged surfaces.

Getting your space ready for fogging:

Make sure all documents and sensitive electronics are put away or removed from the area
Make sure all the windows are closed and that the area has no people or pets in it.
If you have fragile artwork or other fragile items, please cover those items or remove them from the space
Using our disinfectant and fogging procedure, the area is lightly misted and, when dry, leaves no residue.
Let's get your space disinfected!

Get your space disinfected today!

Ensure your home and business spaces are safe and clean.

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